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The City -- Update

First off... I need to find a source for really big graph paper. Bigger than the 8.5×11 that you can readily get anywhere. Keeping it 4 squares to the inch is good. I don't want to have to tape a bunch of sheets together.

Second, updates on The City.

I have a basic idea on the city layout, keeping a diameter of 20 miles.
There will be a river (I had that planned already) that winds its way through the Eastern Gates, meandering toward the center of the City, and the winds its way out of the Southern Gates toward the Sea (some of which is within the Outer Markers).
A good amount of the city will have access to water through wells that are fed through underground springs deep within the earth.
To the northeast, outside the Walls, is a huge block of mountains. Between the walls and the mountains will be Dwarven work camps. They'll be handling most of the mining and metalworking in the mountains. I'll be working out more detail about that later.
Just outside the North Gate is the Militia Training Facility. The Militia handles the Wall Patrols as well as soucting parties to make sure that the Buffer Area (for lack of a better term right now) is secure, since there have been "strange creatures" and such coming in from What Lies Beyond (aka The Unknown).
Farming and such will extend outwards from the Walls to about 10 miles out, I would think. Other little clusters of village-sized settlements will be scattered amongst the Buffer, though they will become rather sparse and rare as one gets closer to the Outer Markers.

City Center will take up an area roughly 6 miles in diameter, with the main feature being the Spire. Oddly enough, the Spire is also at the center of the Known Area. It's by far the tallest structure in the City, and was in existance even before the City was founded.

The rest of the city is divided into quadrants -- North, East, South and West. Each quadrant is then divided into three sections, such as Inner North, North, and Outer North (closest to the Walls). I'll be working on what's in each of those as I go along.

So, what do I have left?

  • City Stat Block, as per DMG and DMG II

  • NPCs, notable and ordinary

  • Government and City Services

  • Religion (I'm not using the standard D&D or FR pantheons, though they will help me in developing my own pantheon... though I'm not saying that they won't make an appearance somehow in the course of things.)

  • Notable Locations

  • The Outlands (The areas between the Walls and the Outer Markers)

  • What Lies Beyond

  • Campaign Notes (Last thing I'll work on)

What do you think so far?
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